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Monos Backpack and X-mas Gifts!

Hey, guys so looking for a x-mas present to give to myself and my friends and family I stumbled upon the brand Monos. Monos is a Canadian luggage company, very similar to AWAY, and found some excellent pieces to buy for this x-mas time. From luggage to accessories, they are all premium quality products that are not as expensive as other brands, but they do tend to go upwards of $100 dollars. Now, it is not like this store does not have sales and discount codes.

So most of you know that I got the Everywhere Bag from the brand AWAY, which is amazing. But, I felt that it lacked a few things, so I started looking for a backpack or duffel that could provide the things I was looking for which was mainly a pocket that I could easily access my laptop or iPad. The Everywhere Bag does have a laptop sleeve, but it's inside of the bag, and well it's not that sturdy.

So with that, there was already one thing that I was looking for, and then I wanted a pocket, somewhere that I could easily access my chapstick, hand cream, phone, and just the little accessories that normally just disappear at the bottom of your bag. With things adding up, I decided to do a little research through youtube to see if someone had the same problem that I did and found that the algorithm was recommending the Monos brand.

I went to the Monos webpage and decided then and there that because I already have a duffel bag, the everywhere bag, then I needed to look for a backpack. To my luck, they had a backpack with so many different colors and two different types of materials. Since the duffel from AWAY is from nylon and the inside material, is not my favorite, I decided to spend a little more and get the Monos Backpack in Vegan Leather in the color Saddle Tan. The original price for any vegan leather is $215 dollars but since it was Black Friday when I bought it I got a discount of 30 dollars and only paid $195 dollars (including tax).

When I received the backpack it came in its own textured cloth with the Monos logo on it and upon opening it the color was just what I was expecting and more. The feel of the vegan leather was so smooth and it really felt like real leather but most importantly it felt like a quality premium product. I am so happy I decided to spend a little bit more this time compared to the $165 dollars which were what the Everywhere Bag in Sand Nylon cost me.

The Pros for me for the Monos Backpack are the separate laptop compartment, the fact it opens up like a suitcase, it has a Quick Snap Modular Kit System, and the Trolley Sleeve.

The Cons: by itself, it is a little heavy at 2.47 pounds, so really packing it to the brim would be heavy to your back.

This Monos Backpack was a X-mas gift to me and I am so happy with my gift. I also decided to gift my Mom and Grandma with Monos products. For both my mom and grandma I chose the Carry-on Pro Plus luggage. My mom for one needed a bigger carry-on for her short trips and she also asked me that the carry-on needed to have a laptop compartment that she could easily access. The color that I chose for her is called Desert Taupe which is a color I know that she likes and will go with mostly all the personal item bags that she rotates when she travels.

My grandma asked for a carry-on because with our recent trip she realized that it is so much easier to travel with a carry-on and more so if you are going to a boat where you do not need a lot of clothes. I got her the same carry as my mom because even though she does not have a laptop she does have an iPad, so the laptop compartment works perfectly and would definitely help through the security check. I got her the Storm Grey color.

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