• Isabella Romero

My AWAY Bigger Carry-on Checklist

Recently I just acquired AWAY luggage and I LOVE it!! I love the color Navy, and even more, so that I could choose to include the USB charger. I created this general checklist specifically for the use of my AWAY Bigger Carry-on since it's the luggage that will substitute my large suitcase, in the majority of my travels.

This checklist is not all set in stone because the clothes and accessories that I pack within my suitcase also depend on the weather and the activities that I will be doing. For example, if it's summer, then in the jackets section, I am going to pack light jackets. If it's winter then I am going to pack heavier jackets. You also have to think about how many days are you traveling to see how many outfits and combinations you are taking and if there are any special occasions. If there are then you might want to pack a formal, nicer dress. Again this is just a checklist that is supposed to guide me when packing my carry-on.

AWAY Bigger Carry-on Checklist:

  1. Clothes

  2. Underwear

  3. Bras

  4. Socks

  5. Jackets / Sweatshirts

  6. Tops

  7. Bottoms

  8. Dresses / Rompers / Jumpsuits

  9. Shoes / Heels

  10. Pijamas

  11. Gym Clothes

  12. Swimsuit

  13. Purses / Bags

  14. Umbrella

  15. Accessories

  • Sunglasses

  • Jewelry

  • Hats

  • Scarves

  • Watch

  1. Toiletries

  2. Toothbrush

  3. Toothpaste

  4. Hair Tools

  5. Skincare

  6. Shampoo / Conditioner

  7. Towel / Bathrobe

  8. Deodorant

  9. Makeup

  10. Makeup Remover

  11. Nail Clipper / File

  12. Hand / Body Lotion

  13. Sunscreen

  14. Feminine Hygiene Products

  15. Necessities

  16. House Keys

  17. Itinerary

  18. Medicine Kit

  19. Miscellaneous

  20. Chapstick

  21. Tissues

  22. Hair Ties / Clips

  23. Vitamins + Supplements

  24. Cough Drops

  25. Water Bottle

  26. Snacks/Gum

  27. Birth Control

  28. Pen

  29. Earplugs / Eye Mask

  30. Important Documents

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