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My AWAY Everywhere Bag Checklist

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

So, by now you have probably read my three previous blog posts: “What Is In My Bag, Travel Edition post,” “My First AWAY Luggage,” and the “My AWAY Bigger Carry-on Checklist.” If you have not read them yet I suggest you do because two of those posts are my checklists for when I travel. This new post will be another checklist about what I think my personal item bag would be like when COVID is no longer around. You might see a few similarities between the lists, and then others that will be an addition. For this checklist, all the products mentioned below will be added to my AWAY Everywhere Bag!! The Everywhere bag is great because it can fit a 15-inch laptop and its capacity is 20 liters which for a personal item bag is pretty decent. So without further ado, let’s find out what I carry in my Everywhere Bag.

AWAY Everywhere Bag checklist:

  1. Ipad + Magic Keyboard

  2. iPhones (I constantly travel to the US)

  3. Passport/ID

  4. Wallet

  5. Pill Case

  6. Chapstick

  7. Hand cream

  8. Kleenex

  9. Keys

  10. Sunglasses

  11. Tech Case

  12. Vaccination Card

  13. Alcohol Spray

  14. Scarf

  15. Snacks

  16. Water Bottle

  17. Luggage Scale

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