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Off to Europe: Madrid and Mallorca

Hi guys, I have been a little MIA because I just came back from my trip to Spain. I was in Madrid for the first half of my trip and then I went sailing around the South part of the island of Mallorca. It was truly a beautiful trip of getting to know both places, how different they are in both climate, people, and the differences between being in a city versus being on an island.

This trip was postponed from the year 2020 and it finally happened, two years later but we made it. My grandma and I arrived in Madrid and we got the best treatment from the service Salon Premium. This is a top-of-the-line service you can pay and it really is the best, especially if you are traveling with a person who is older, can’t walk long distances or just overall can’t walk and has to be in a wheelchair. Once we got off the airplane, there was a person waiting for us. Since my grandma could walk, we didn’t order a wheelchair and were able to go down the stairs into the car that was waiting for us which was just a few feet from the aircraft.

We climbed into the car with our carry-ons and personal item bags and then we were taken to a Private VIP Lounge where we did immigration just the two of us, no waiting in line. Then we just waited for our bags to be picked up from the baggage claim area. You heard that right, picked up. My grandma and I were waiting in the Lounge, with a bottle of water and she had her coffee.

One of the advantages of the service is that we didn’t have to pick up our bags ourselves, that somebody else could do that for us while we waited patiently in the lounge. Once we had our bags we were ready to get into the hotel car that came to pick us up, which was right outside the lounge door. From there to the hotel it was a 30-minute ride to the Hotel Rosewood Villa Magna, which we heard was completely renovated.

The renovations were for the better and the people that we knew from our previous travels to Madrid and the Hotel, which back then was just Villa Magna, were the same, plus a few new ones. It was very sweet that a lot of the employees from the hotel remembered us and they treated us like royalty. The food was amazing like always, and we got to go to this new restaurant called AMOS which has 3 Michelin stars which is well deserved. I ate a delicious and very soft Solomillo de Vaca with an incredible sauce at the bottom that was throughout the entire dish. Then I ordered a Tarta de almendras with a side of helado de caramelo. I am saying it in Spanish because if you end up going to that Hotel and going to that restaurant then you should definitely try these two dishes. You will not be disappointed.

After finishing dessert we headed straight to our rooms because we were exhausted from our trip.

The next day we went to Louis Vuitton because I wanted a few things that I had added to my wishlist and it was the first time ever that I ended up in a store for about 4 hours!! I just could not believe that I had spent that much time in the store when it didn’t even feel that long. I guess it was the fact that I was finding all the things from the wish list and the people that helped us were great. They were with us throughout the entire time helping us find what we were looking for, and we found some really amazing things.

After spending the entire morning in Loui Vuitton it was time to go to lunch at Ten con Ten. Another amazing restaurant, which I had already been to before and knew that the food tasted delicious. And I was not disappointed. This time around I changed my order and went for a Carpaccio de Ternera Wagyu for starters and then for my second dish I ordered Penne pasta with pesto sauce and Black truffle. It was so good, but by the end, I was so full that there was no space for dessert.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to rest for a little bit. At 5 pm we went to Corte Ingles which is exactly 10 steps from our hotel. Really the Rosewood Hotel Villa Magna is very well situated location-wise because you have Serrano street by just walking 10 minutes through Corte Ingles. Corte Ingles which is 10 steps from Villa Magna is the women’s section, and the men's section is in Serrano, but the latest rumor which I think is true is that they sold the Corte Ingles men’s section, and is now going to be in the same location as the women. The change should already be on its way because when I left, the employees in the store told me that it was going to happen starting July. We will see when we go back this 11th of July that I am traveling back to Europe, this time with my whole family and to Italy!!

All the next days that came by were just filled with the same routine, woke up had breakfast from 9 to 11 am, then went to stores to find things on my list called a neutral capsule wardrobe. What this means is that I was just tired of trying to think if this top went with this bottom, so I decided to change my closet and started buying things that were neutral colors. Neutral colors for those of you who don’t know are shades of black, blue, grey, white, and beige. I am so happy with the things I found and my Neutral Capsule Wardrobe is almost completed.

Mallorca was a different trip since we went sailing around the island. The sun was still very much shining on our faces and very bright, but at the same time, there was this breeze that helped with the heat. Unlike Madrid which was just heat after heat, even at night. Got to just relax and enjoy the ocean and the views of the houses from the island each with their own different design but also very similar. It’s hard to describe. It’s best if you just go and take a look for yourself. The one thing that I was not expecting was to see a pod of dolphins next to our boat sailing with us.

Coming back from the trip I have so many different anecdotes and still, there are so many places I have yet to visit and discover. It’s a good thing that I have time. But next up will be Italy with my family and friends, another trip that I am sure will be just as amazing. This trip will be a little longer and will entail us going to Rome, Sardignia, and Sicily. Rome I have been before but Sardignia and Sicily I have been so I am excited to sail around the islands.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts, see you guys on the next one.

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