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Remote Jobs: Why are they trending?

Hello, how is everyone doing today? These last couple of years have been crazy and sometimes emotionally draining. Deciding where to go to college, completing my bachelor's degree, and all the ups and down throughout that experience. Then 2020 started, and the world was hit with a pandemic virus, Covid 19, also known as Coronavirus. Everybody hated Corona because every country went into lockdown mode, some of them even longer than others. Then things started to open up again. Travel was made possible again with a few restrictions for some countries, and for others, there were still no entries unless you were a resident of that country, and even then, there were still some rules you had to follow.

With the pandemic shutting out almost everything, many companies had to think fast. How were they going to move on? That’s when the word “remote” started having an effect. It’s not that before the pandemic, the word “remote” didn’t exist because there were already so many jobs that could be done from the comfort of your home or even traveling. It is a fact that many companies were used to having that in-person contact, having their employees check in and work in their offices or work in the designated space built to exchange ideas and work as a team.

I know for a fact that some companies started with, “okay, let’s go to remote during covid, but one’s it dies down, people will have to start coming back to the office again.” For some companies or workspaces, that may be true. Some careers or jobs need to be face-to-face, and there is just no other way around that, but others… well, others, not so much. Some companies have gone to hybrid mode, and others have gone to full remote mode. Hybrid mode is a mix of on-site and remote, where there will be a few days when you will have to come to work and others where you can work from home. Personally, I love the idea of full remote because it gives you the flexibility to work in your own hours, travel, and develop new skills that you wouldn’t have developed if not for working remotely.

Let me give you a little bit of background. Back in college, I had to do nine in-person credit courses, and three credits could be online, which usually translates to only being able to do one online class per semester. At least for international students, which was my case. Anyhow, I saw the advantage of taking a class online because not only will I be able to hone my skills for time management, but I will also develop other skills like creating a work routine where “okay, this is now time to focus, do homework, and study” and then “okay, this is now time to relax and have fun.” Learning to have that balance taught me how to be efficient. Be able to complete an assignment in a certain amount of time while it is worthy of an A.

So when I was offered the opportunity to work in a remote job, I knew immediately that even though it was an area I had never done in my life, my experience and skills learned in college would help me excel and expand my capabilities. There were the soft and hard skills that I already had, and then there were things that, because I had a certain foundation, was able to build up even higher. I had done a few classes in business when I had the crazy idea of minoring in business administration (which I didn’t, it was sociology). It was because of those classes, plus the classes in psychology, that I was able to mesh those two together and go into a sales job which then turned into being an onboarding agent.

Currently, I am an English Teacher at Duolingo, where I can choose what classes to teach and when. Why remote jobs? The freedom of managing your own hours, more flexibility. Be able to have that balance of social life and work life. I do not want to be one of those people that just works and works and never has any downtime just to relax and have time to herself or go out with family and friends. I am not alone. A lot of people, since the pandemic started, decided to quit their 9-5 jobs and go for a remote job instead because of all the possibilities. This teaching job also allows me to focus on my personal projects, like my blog and books. It is certainly a bonus because if I also wanted to pursue an on-site teaching job or be a guidance counselor at a school, which I am, I would still teach English classes after school.

My conclusion, remote jobs are here to stay.

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