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Links that helped me build my brand and more

  • TABLO > Want to become an author and don't know where to start? Check out, where you can write, proofread and publish your book. Their selling point? They are the only self-publishing company that does not take royalties from your books that sell. 

  • ANCHOR > Want to start a podcast and are overwhelmed by all the equipment websites say you should buy? Check out Anchor by Spotify, where you can easily start your podcast with just your phone and are provided with many different background noises that you could choose from once you start recording episodes. 

  • WIX > Want to showcase all your different projects in one place? Create your own website using Wix. It is very easy and you yourself can manage the editing, designing, SEO, and more. I tried Spaces, WordPress, Google blogs, but I just could find myself with their program and found Wix instead. I realized that it was going to be really easy for me to start building my own website without asking for help.

  • CANVA > Want to create a logo for your business? Check out Canva where you can create just about anything you want not only logos for your business but also for your other projects as well. It's a great tool to really let your creativity and imagination loose with lots of templates and options to choose from. 

  • PRINTABLE > Already have your logo for your business but now need an online store for it?  Check out Shopify along with Printable which is great because with Printable you do not hold any inventory and you are not in charge of shipping! how great is that? You just choose the product you want to sell, design it, share it with your Shopify store, and when a client buys from your store Printable will then print the product. It's called Print on Demand. 

  • LINKTREE > Feel like your social media is growing and it's hard to keep track of all of it? How about you check Linktree, which is a perfect app that lets you store all your links in one place, and if you pay the Pro feature can customize your own as well as check out specific analytics to see how many people click each social media link. 

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